Dirchie Kart

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Kart racing where anything goes

Dirchie Kart is a high-speed racing game for Windows PC users. View full description


  • Fun and addictive
  • Includes Grand Prix circuits


  • Graphics are a bit basic
  • Repetitive soundtrack


Dirchie Kart is a high-speed racing game for Windows PC users.

If you're a fan of games like Mario Kart XP or Mario Kart 360, Dirchie Kart is of a similar nature and spirit. It's a remix of 16-bit kart racing games of days past that still provides fun for racing kart fans of all ages.

There are eight different cars and characters you can opt to race with in Dirchie Kart. Each car has its own quirks and peculiarities, which make the game more unique and fun. Before each game, you can also choose up to three weapons to use against your opponents during the race.

There are three types of competitions to race in with Dirchie Kart: Economy, Grand Prix and Retro Remix. The Grand Prix option actually plays real Formula 1 circuits, which will be a plus for fans of that type of racing.

Unfortunately, Dirchie Kart's graphics really aren't all that impressive. Some users might be turned off by their simplicity. It's the circuits and variety of cars to choose from that are Dirchie Kart's strong suits though, and in those areas the game definitely doesn't disappoint.

If you can get past unimpressive graphics, Dirchie Kart provides tons of racing fun for players of all ages.

Dirchie Kart


Dirchie Kart Beta